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Philodendron Green Wonder - 140 cm height - ø34cm

Philodendron Green Wonder - 140 cm height - ø34cm

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Philodendron Green Wonder is a beautiful houseplant that adds a touch of lush splendor and contemporary charm to any indoor space. With its striking, glossy, heart-shaped leaves and air-purifying properties, this plant instantly creates a feeling of tropical elegance. Philodendron Green Wonder thrives in bright indirect light and adds a touch of exoticism to various indoor environments. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this plant also acts as an air purifier, improving the quality of the living environment. With its easy care requirements, this plant is perfect for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts who want a stylish and low-maintenance addition to their living space.

This Philodendron measures 140cm including pot. 

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