Tableau, the automatic house plant watering tray, is now available on Kickstarter

Are you away from home a lot for work and travels? Are you forgetful when it comes to watering your plant? Tableau is an automatic plant watering tray. It mimics nature to water your plants, so you don’t have to.

To finance its production we have launched Tableau on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. If you like the idea of Tableau existing, if you would like to have one or give one as a gift, join us, pledge and share, and make Tableau a reality.

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Pikaplant makes plant keeping easy. Our products mimic nature to water your plants.

A plant rich environment makes people more creative, more productive, and reduces stress. Some plants also help regulate air humidity and remove trace toxins from the air. Plants are good for us, and that’s why we’re making it easier for people to keep plants. Check out Pikaplant One, the vertical garden with a zero-electricity ebb-and-flow irrigation system. Also take a look at Pikaplant Jars, the plant you never need to water. Tableau is the automatic house plant watering tray, now available on Kickstarter










Pikaplant Jar

Pikaplant Jars are plants you never need to water. Each hand-picked specimen is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope, and continuously recycles the water and air inside. Jars mimic natural high-humidity biotopes. The resilience and adaptivity of plants amazes us. One of the original prototypes has been flourishing happily in its container for twelve months.

Pikaplant Jar Coffea No-maintenance Indoor Plant


Coffea arabica is indigenous to the misty mountains of Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. Our cultivars are bred in The Netherlands.

Dimensions (cm) : d18 x 28
Care tips










Pikaplant One

Pikaplant One is a vertical garden with a passive ebb-and-flow irrigation system. It mimics the natural wet-dry cycle of ground water, letting your plants determine how much water they need. No electricity needed. Pick your favourite plants, enjoy, and renew whenever you want.

Pikaplant One Vertical Garden

Great for schools, open plan offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés, a Pikaplant One filled with fresh herbs, bright florals, or lush greens will bring a breath of fresh air to any interior. Use Pikaplant One as a green wall or a room divider.

Dimensions (cm) : 120 x 30 x 185
Materials: Glass, Steel
Price: upon request











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