Tableau automatically waters your plants.
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Pikaplant Tableau is an automatic plant watering tray.

Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended. Tableau makes growing leafy greens, bright florals, and tasty herbs super easy. Grow plants for food. Grow plants that clean the air. Grow plants for fun. They’ll brighten up any room.

Pre-Order Tableau now and save €99!

Pikaplant Tableau was funded in May 2015 as a Top 50 European Kickstarter design project. It’s currently in the final stages of development, and the estimated delivery date of the limited first production batch is 2018. Pre-order now to receive a €99.00 discount. Choose between Black, White or Intuition Blue colorways.


Tableau naturally self-waters herbs and house plants.

Designed in the Netherlands, its minimalist aesthetic brings out the best in your plants. We’ve used basic materials like glass, steel, and ceramics because we believe in making quality products. Tableau’s sleek design brings a simple tranquility into your home or work space.

Pikaplant Tableau