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10 billion. This is the number of trees we lose every year, harming people, animals, and the climate. Join us in growing more trees.

Trees are the most efficient way of storing CO2. They clean the air, and help to balance the planet’s water cycle. At the rate we are cutting them down, it is clear we need to plant more trees. But before we can plant them, we need to grow them.

Geo, our self-watering plant pot, is perfect for germinating seeds and growing baby trees. With a single Geo you can grow three or more trees every year. We are offering 1000 Geos at discounted prices for anyone willing to contribute to growing trees. The season for collecting seeds is now, so let’s grow some trees!

How Geo Works

Geo is a ceramic plant pot with an integrated water reservoir, designed to gradually filter water into the soil as it is needed. All you have to do is refill it once a month. The reservoir provides water to baby plants for extended periods, not too much or too little, but just the right amount. We created Geo to make it very easy to keep indoor plants in your home or workspace.

The Idea

Throughout Geo’s development, we tested with a variety of different plant species. Not just houseplants, but anything we could get our hands on. Over time we learned that Geo is perfect for germinating seeds and growing seedlings. Almost everything we planted just shot out of the ground, and then we had an idea.

What if the plants we keep indoors could have a positive impact on the outdoors? What if, on top of planting more trees, we could be growing more trees as well?

woods trees

The Plan

Aside from the 1000 Geos we are offering, we have reserved 50 to begin our own tree nursery, and we are currently collecting seeds from the forest. Depending on the seeds we find, we estimate that with every Geo we can grow three or more trees per year. We are seeking out seeds of local species, so the seedlings we grow will thrive when we plant them outdoors next year. From an ecosystem viewpoint, biodiversity is better than monoculture. And seeds are nature’s way of ensuring that diversity.

Much like your home, our studio has heating, plenty of light and plant lovers to care for seedlings. Protected from pests and herbivores, these young trees will have a strong start and grow until they are ready to be planted outdoors. We have also sought out and secured a plot of land for our seedlings to live on in the future.

Become a Tree Grower

The season for collecting seeds is now. Take a walk in the park, or in the woods, or have a look around the trees in your neighbourhood. You will probably find more seeds than you can even fit in your pockets.

The seed we provide with each Pack is meant to help you understand how your Geos work. There are more than 20,000 kinds of trees in the world, so we encourage you to explore and try out different seeds. Plant the seeds in your Geos and let them grow into strong young trees before you find a place where you can safely plant them outdoors. Here’s a list of plants and a list of seeds that we’ve been conducting research on.

We are eager to learn with you along the way, and we will ask you to keep us updated with pictures of your seeds, sprouts, and seedlings. We will be sharing our own seedling updates on The Plant Keep. Order your Geos today and let’s start reducing the global tree deficit together.