Pikaplant Tableau, Intuition blue, Automatic plant watering tray
Tableau_Blue_1600x900_03Automatic Plant Watering Tray


Pikaplant Tableau is a concept design of an automatic plant watering tray. It waters herbs and houseplants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended. Tableau makes growing leafy greens, bright florals, and tasty herbs super easy.


The project was funded in May 2015 as a Top 50 European Kickstarter design project. It is currently in the final stages of development, and the estimated delivery date of the limited first production batch is 2019. Pre-order now to receive a €99.00 discount. Choose between Black, White or Intuition Blue colorways.


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Dimensions 40 x 31 x 31 cm

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Glass, Steel, Ceramic planters