Pikaplant Jar Coffea arabica | coffee plant ecosphere
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coffee plant ecosphere

Jar Coffea

59.99 inc. VAT

Pikaplant Jar is a living houseplant that you never need to water. These Coffea plants are sealed airtight inside an upside down Mason jar. This means all of the water inside a Jar's ecosphere stays inside, and the plants continuously recycle the water they have. All you have to do is give your self-sustaining plants a nice place to live, and enjoy the view.


Coffea arabica is a tropical plant indigenous to the highlands of Ethiopia. Our cultivars are bred in The Netherlands according to the highest standards for sustainable horticulture. We work with VDE, a world-class indoor plant grower that has earned the MPS-A certification.


The Coffea arabica species accounts for 74% of the world’s coffee production, and the Dutch have been shipping these plants to coffee lovers around the globe since the 17th century. Now you can enjoy a no-maintenance plant of your own in your home or workspace.


Pikaplant Jar is our interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium. We hand pick each seedling, and before we enclose the plants in a Jar we give them the resources they need to create a well-balanced ecosystem.


The lifespan of individual plants will vary, but the original Pikaplant Jar Coffea prototypes have been flourishing happily for over 40 months without opening.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 28 cm

Free shipping. Ships only within Europe.


3 months warranty


Glass, Steel, Rubber, Coffea arabica plants included