Jar Calathea

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Pikaplant Jar is a living houseplant that you never need to water. These Calathea ornata plants are sealed airtight inside a glass bottle. All of the water inside a Jar stays inside, and the plants continuously recycle the water they have. They water themselves, so you don’t need to. Just set these self-sustaining plants in a nice spot in your home or work space and enjoy the view.

Calathea is a tropical plant indigenous to the tropics of South America. Our cultivars are grown in the Netherlands according to the MPS-GAP and Global GAP certificates for sustainable horticulture. We love the dark leaves and pink pin stripes of the Calathea ornata species.

Pikaplant Jar is our interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium. It mimics natural high humidity biotopes. We hand pick each seedling, and before we enclose the plants in a Jar we give them the resources they need to create a well-balanced ecosystem.

The lifespan of individual plants will vary, but we offer a 3-month guarantee on every Jar ecosphere. Our original Pikaplant Jar Calathea ornata prototypes have been flourishing happily for over 12 months without opening.

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 28 cm

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3 months


Glass, Steel, Rubber, Calathea ornata plants included