Jar Fittonia

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Pikaplant Jar is a living houseplant that you never need to water. It is our interpretation of a bottle garden or sealed terrarium. We hand pick each seedling, and before we enclose the plants in a jar we give them the resources they need to create a well-balanced miniature ecosystem.

Fittonia albivenis is native to the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. In its natural environment Fittonia grows in the shade of taller trees, covering the forest floor. Our cultivars were bred by Schoenmakers in the Netherlands, and they are grown according to the MPS-A and MPS-GAP standards for sustainable horticulture.

Among indigenous communities of the Amazon basin, Fittonia is infused in tea to treat headaches and toothaches. It is also a traditional ingredient in hallucinogenic ayahuasca for spiritual ceremonies.

The lifespan of individual plants will vary, but the original Pikaplant Jar Fittonia prototypes have been flourishing happily for over 12 months without opening.

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 28 cm

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3 months


Glass, Steel, Rubber, Fittonia albivenis plants included.