Greener living is better living

We create products that make plant keeping so easy that anyone can do it.

A plant-rich environment makes people more creative, more productive, and reduces stress. Plants also regulate air humidity and remove trace toxins from the air, helping to keep us healthy. Connecting with nature is a basic human need, and our aim is to have a positive effect on the number of plants on planet Earth and in our direct environments.

Our team

We are a small team of plant lovers from all over the world, based in Amsterdam. Much like the plants we work with, no matter how distant our origin, we have all put down roots here. We are often reminded of the fact that each of us has their own individual connection with plants. That is why we believe everyone is a plant lover at heart, and that there is always more to learn – even for the greenest thumbs! Join us at The Plant Keep to explore the weird and wonderful world of plants.

Design ethos

Our products are inspired first and foremost by nature. Jar is an airtight terrarium, a closed ecosphere with a self-sustaining water cycle, while Geo mimics aquifers to water your plants for you. The world needs more plant keepers, and through our products we want to make keeping plants as fun and rewarding as we can. The materials we use have a minimal impact on the environment and we believe that original, beautiful and functional design are naturally intertwined.


Pikaplant products are crafted and assembled by hand. This means we can guarantee a high level of quality for each and every piece. We strive to bring the highest possible level of materialisation and finish to our products. We continuously test with various species of plants to ensure our products work well, and for extended periods of time. Our oldest terrariums have remained closed for over 5 years, the plants inside never needing to be watered.